Fee Structure

Testing packages and additional charges

Fee Structure

Testing packages and additional charges

Your discovery call enables us to discuss your symptoms and history in brief and for me to suggest the best package for you. The targeted Health Foundation programme is designed to support your health and includes:


  • comprehensive blood panel including iron panel, thyroid panel (with antibodies), active B12, Magnesium, HbA1C, Folate (red blood cell & serum). This blood test is via TDL (The Doctors Laboratory – based in London & Manchester). If you can’t visit either location – then I will arrange for you to receive a test kit so that you can have your bloods drawn at Super Drug locations (additional cost £30).  Alternatively I can recommend phlebotomy clinic or a mobile phlebotomist to visit you at home. You then simply post your bloods to the Lab for testing (next day delivery).


  • 3 hours of 1-2-1 zoom consultations. Weekly check-ins.


  • targeted and personalised information and support


  • access to client portal 24/7 with all your information & test results available in one easy to access & secure site


  • additional test recommendations if required


  • supplements recommendations (if required) offered with 10% discount


  • nutrition & lifestyle recommendation and recipe suggestions 


This health foundation programme delivers targeted support for your health care goals.


During the discovery call it might become apparent that additional testing would be beneficial and to make best use of your first full consultation with me I would typically recommend that testing is carried out and results received ahead of your first consultation with me (This includes your blood and thyroid testing). If you have comprehensive blood test results, taken within the last three months, I can offer you a credit towards alternative testing.


Testing in advance means that you can benefit from targeted support from your first full consultation.

Test Packages

Testing ahead of your first consultation is not compulsory (apart from the thyroid and blood panel which is included in my Health Foundation Package). Most of my clients, however, do choose to run any additional tests that might be recommended during the discovery call.


Given the numerous tests that are available, it is not possible to list all the package prices that are available, but you can see a list of tests that I use frequently HERE so you can get an idea of potential additional package costs involved. Please note prices correct at time of writing.


Test results are always discussed within a consultation.


My Health Foundation Package starts at £1,250 and the Nourish Mind & Body (for clients referred by OCD Excellence, London) start at £325


Additional Charges

  • Supplements (if required/recommended) are at additional cost. You will be offered a 10% discount on all supplement prices.


  • Blood draw if required. For many tests it’s possible for you to collect your sample safely and simply at home, however some tests require a full blood draw and/or centrifuged blood. In these circumstances you will need to visit a clinic for a blood draw or have a phlebotomist visit you at home. I can arrange all this for you. Additional costs for these services start at around £30.


  • Return of test samples to labs may involve courier or Royal Mail charges.

Book your DISCOVERY CALL and find out that best plan for you.