How Nutritional Therapy could help you

Being heard: voicing your concerns and anxieties.

Ending the frustrating search for the one magical thing that will make you feel great.

Learning to understand & respond to what your body tells you.

Time to ask lots of questions with answers you understand.

Optimising your nutritional status & creating health resilience.

Personalised & targeted advice.

Tests show everything is ‘normal’ so why do  you still feel rubbish?  

You can be “normal” but still feel like this

You’ve had tests before and been told that everything is normal. In tests anyone that falls within the middle ‘Normal’ range is considered to be ok.

When I test I always consider your optimal range, rather than what’s considered ‘normal’.

My focus is on the optimal (functional) range - this is the sweet spot when you will begin to feel amazing - thriving not just surviving.

So many benefits to testing

Personalisation: Everyone is biochemically unique. Testing means your programme is YOUR programme.

Targeted: while my comprehensive intake and consultations provides a lot of information about your health status, testing can sometimes provide that missing puzzle piece that helps us unravel root causes.

Motivation: Can be a significant motivator for change and to monitor your progress.

The comprehensive, clear & trusted Functionaldx® Blood tests that I recommended at your intake stage, provide detailed information about all your different body systems. The cutting edge analysis and in depth reports are unmatched by any other blood test.

Why Can’t I get these tests on the NHS?

The functional tests I use are not available on the NHS. The tests I use in clinic are designed to look for root causes of your symptoms. Whenever testing can be provided by your GP, I will always write a letter to request testing based on your symptoms.

Ready to find out more?

It’s never too late to make changes. However hopeless you might be feeling now.

Lets start with an informal telephone call to see if we could work well together.

There is no pressure to register as a client. I want you to be ready to fully engage in your package.

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