You can see Menopause as a crisis or you can see it as a time to rebalance & thrive.

Fed up with pretending you’re ok while juggling everything else


Pushing through your symptoms & feeling exhausted

Feeling guilty about making yourself a priority


Sleeping badly due to hot flushes & aching joints


Struggling with changes to your body shape and unwanted weight gain


Feeling as if your head is foggy – struggling to concentrate and remember things


Feeling as if you don’t recognise yourself and you just want to run away and hide

“It’s time to show up and be seen.”


This programme is designed around you and your individual needs and health concerns as you approach the menopause and beyond.

Together we look at you as a whole. While we focus on your gut, bone, heart, brain and breast health, we also consider your self-beliefs, your sense of purpose and your connections with your family, friends & colleagues. We work to ensure optimal sexual health, supportive relationships. and your sense of community and connection. We focus on sleep and movement, nourishing foods and habits.

We create a personalised plan that fits in with you and your lifestyle. Sustainable habits and suggestions that help you create the life you imagine. Optimising your mind and body to create resilience and vitality for now and the years ahead.

You don’t need to keep pushing through, feeling stressed and low. You don’t need to keep pretending you’re ok while you’re juggling demands of family, career, elderly parents or all three. Get relief from your symptoms: brain fog, joint pains, sleepless nights, nights sweats.

Embrace the importance of self care and being you. Being more you has an impact way beyond your health and wellness. Lose the guilt about taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority rather than an after-thought.

Self care enables you to thrive.

Reclaim time for yourself after years of thinking of everyone else

It’s never too early to prepare for menopause. Knowing what to expect is so important. It can feel like you’ve been buried underground and you’re pushing up against a great weight. Knowing that you will need stamina and strength to push up and emerge is key. Just know that once you’ve emerged it’s worth every ounce of effort that you’ve put in.

Imagine a boat that has sailed across the seas and its hull is encrusted with barnacles. Those barnacles need scraping off. That process can be challenging and difficult. Once you’re free of all the old stuff that’s built up over the years, you can sail over calmer seas, free of the weight of things and feelings you’ve been holding on to. Things and thoughts that no longer serve you.

Find your tribe – and feel supported and heard.

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Joanne Lee