“It can look like still waters on the outside while a hurricane is swirling in your mind.”


Feelings of shame & guilt often prevent you from asking for help. Your OCD has silenced you.

With my experience of supporting a family member & clients with OCD, I understand the daily struggle to deal with uncertainty. I understand the importance of focusing on YOU and not your diagnosis.

Together we create a safe, non judgmental space to discuss your health concerns and your goals.

Helping you find out what works for YOUR body and navigating the confusing advice you might encounter every day.

Reviewing any current medications and supplements to ensure no contraindications. Making and explaining any recommendations to you.

Nutrition & lifestyle support that gives you space to help you participate fully in other aspects of your therapy.

Nutritional Suggestions for YOUR Body

Learning about food as information for your body. Ensuring your body has the nourishing foods that support your wellbeing.

Health-supporting foods can help your body deal with chronic stress, support your mood, sleep and energy levels. Together we find food choices that fit in with your lifestyle. Foods you enjoy.

Eating to avoid blood sugar fluctuations: key for energy and mood.

Guidance when eating out: helping you enjoy foods in a social setting and reducing anxiety.

Sustainable Lifestyle Habits

Working at your pace: change can be challenging so working at the pace that works for you is key.

Understanding how lifestyle habits including sleep and movement affect your wellbeing.

Helping you develop sustainable, supportive habits.

What to Expect in your Consultations

Zoom Consultations: you can decide your environment for each consultation. No need to be dressed up or looking a certain way. As long as you are comfortable. Perhaps have a drink to hand and something to make notes with or doodle (anything that helps you feel relaxed).

Asking questions: plenty of time to ask questions. Questions are actively encouraged.

Timings: being able to break up the consultation times into chunks that suit you best.

Be You: your openness helps me understand your needs.

Understanding any therapeutic supplementation & testing recommendations I might suggest.

Testing & Supplementation

Supplementation can often help provide some symptom relief & give you space to start to make some changes and engage with your other therapy.

There is, however, no pressure to purchase supplements from me, but if you do I offer a 10% discount. If you decide to purchase elsewhere, please let me know the details prior to purchase so that I may ensure their suitability for you.

I always take into account your budget and your preferences and any recommendations will always be explained to you. Please kindly note that the costs of supplements and any testing are not included in this package price.

This is a very flexible package

There is a comprehensive intake which an be adapted to suit your needs. The forms are online (on your secure client portal) so you can take your time and save your progress as you go.

If you find online forms difficult – let me know and we can find a way to gather the required information that works for you.

The package includes an initial 60 mins consultation and 3 x 30 mins follow up consultations. These can be adapted to suit your needs: eg shorter consultations times. If 60 mins feels too long, this can be broken up into smaller chunks. Whatever suits you.

Flexibility: knowing that you can cancel any consultation at any point if you need to, takes the pressure off you and allows you to fully engage in your sessions with me.

My cancellation policy does not apply for OCD Excellence clients, if you need to cancel at the last minute I understand and just ask that you kindly let me know as soon as you can.

Sometimes just knowing that you can postpone a consultation can be enough to take the pressure off. Also, if during a consultation you feel you need to stop, we can. Just let me know and we can reschedule the remaining time.

Optional Testing Add Ons

Anxiety & mental health can be driven by nutritional deficiencies and physiological imbalances so it’s really useful to have a complete blood count, including a full iron panel, full thyroid panel, blood sugar markers, vitamin D levels, active B12, red blood cell folate (B9), B6, Omega 6:omega 3 ratio and red blood cell magnesium.

I do recommend a comprehensive Functionaldx® blood panel.

Other testing suggestions, if I feel they are appropriate for you, will be made only after a full review of your intake forms. These test recommendations can include: genetics, Food allergies/intolerances, Comprehensive Stool Testing, Heavy metals. Often no further testing is recommended.

I will always explain carefully why I make any recommendations and there is never any pressure to do testing. I remain mindful of budgets and personal preferences at all times.

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Joanne Lee