Nourish Mind & Body


A special package created to support

clients referred by  OCD Excellence.






Nourish Mind & Body


A special package created to support clients referred by OCD Excellence.

This package has been created to support clients who have been referred by OCD Excellence.


Health supporting foods can help your body deal with chronic stress, support mood, sleep and energy levels.


This package has been created to help provide delicious meals that are quick to prepare and bursting with nutrients.


This consultation package will look at your current food and drink intake, supplements, medications and take into account any known intolerances or allergies alongside your lifestyle, environment and your health concerns.


I recommend booking a Free Discovery Zoom Call (about 15 minutes).


This gives us both a chance to get a feel for how we can work together to support your health goals.

Book your DISCOVERY CALL to find out more!

If you decide to book a Nourish Mind & Body Package, prior to your initial zoom consultation you will:


Receive an invitation to create an account on Healthpath Pro – the secure software that I use. This is platform we will use to communicate with each other and your information will be stored securely on here.


It’s important that you sign my Informed Consent form and read and agree to my Terms & Conditions and read my GDPR policy. These documents will be available on your Healthpath Pro client account.


You will be asked to complete:


  • A comprehensive Health Questionnaire, with details of any medications and supplements.


  • A 4 day food and drink intake journal with questions about sleep, mood and energy.

Your initial zoom consultation (45 mins – 1 hour):


Once I’ve received all your intake forms you can book in for your initial consultation – ideally 2 weeks after sending me all your information.


You will receive feedback on your current dietary intake and you will be guided towards sustainable changes rather than short-term fixes to support your health. Perfection is not desirable nor attainable.


We will work together to optimise your dietary intake in ways that suit you and your lifestyle. Together we will go through your personalised recipe and lifestyle suggestions so I can make any adjustments if needed to your booklet.


If you are already taking supplements I will review these and explain any contraindications with any current medications you may be taking.


I work from a food first basis, although therapeutic supplements are sometimes recommended. I will always explain my rationale for supplements and you are under no obligation to buy any supplements that I recommend.


Within a week after your initial consultation, you will receive your personalised ebooklets with recipes, step by step guidance to help you introduce changes gradually and lifestyle recommendations. These booklets will be sent to you by Google link and you can print it off if you wish.

Your Follow up Consultation

Your Follow Up Consultation – included in your package (45 mins):


This follow up is an opportunity to check on your progress, to discuss any difficulties or challenges you’ve faced and to make adjustment that enable you to develop life long health-supporting habits.


Depending on your needs this can be divided into sessions to suit you: weekly, fortnightly or a month later depending on the level of support you require. Clients often find a month after the initial consultation works well, as this gives you enough time to try out the recipes and lifestyle suggestions.


Nourish Mind & Body Package – £325 

More Complex Health Needs?

If your health needs are more complex please contact me for details for details of functional testing options (including genetic testing).
Depending on your needs I can create a personalised package to meet your requirements.

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