The benefits of working with a nutritional therapist

Ending the frustrating search for the one magical thing that will make you feel great. You buy the latest book or supplement that you’ve heard about, without knowing whether any of these are right for you.

Feeling heard: You want someone who will truly listen to how you’re feeling & understand your concerns, anxieties and your vision of your future health.

You want explanations that are easy to understand & you want the time to ask as many questions as you want without feeling rushed.

Gain an understanding of how your food & lifestyle habits influence your health. You want to optimise your nutritional status & understand how your body functions.

Personalised & targeted advice: comprehensive intake including an assessment of your current medications and supplements, lifestyle, food and drink intake, alongside your full medical history & timeline.

A therapeutic relationship that you can trust to support your progression and help you achieve your goals.

Perhaps you’re feeling great now, but you still want to invest in your health to minimise the risk of poor health in the future.

No more frustration: previous test results show that everything is ‘normal’, but you're still feeling rubbish. Normal test results are often returned marked as ‘normal’. The key thing is that there is a difference between normal & optimal.

You can read more about this HERE & how functional testing can help.

Discovering the foods that nourish your body: Food is far more than just a source of energy – it’s information for your body. Not everyone enjoys cooking & many also feel time pressured, so I work with you to find solutions without creating additional stress. There are many health-supporting foods, so I won’t be forcing you to do anything that you don’t like.

Therapeutic supplements: if needed I can recommend high quality supplements. I will never recommend supplements without explaining my reasoning & I am always mindful of your budget and wishes.

Working at your pace: Change can be challenging, so with my support you will make gradual changes. We work at your pace. Alternatively, if change is your thing, we can work at a faster pace. The pace is determined by you.

It’s not just about food. It’s about you, your life, your sleep, your movement. Together we look at all of this and more. We set achievable goals that help you develop sustainable habits to support your health and wellbeing.

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It’s never to late to make changes: If you’re feeling hopeless as things feel so bad for you right now & you think there’s no point trying anything else as you believe that nothing will make a difference, then please know that it is never too late to make changes.

So we start with an informal telephone call to get to know each other. This will give us a chance to decide if we could work well together.

There will be no pressure to register as a client. I want you to be ready to fully engage in your package with me.

You can find out about the packages I offer by clicking HERE