Working with me

The benefits of working with a nutritional therapist & everything

you need to know about my testing packages

Working with me

The benefits of working with a nutritional therapist & everything

you need to know about my testing packages

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So What’s the deal with “Normal”? 


You’ve had tests before and been told that everything is normal. In tests anyone that falls within the middle ‘Normal’ range is considered to be ok.

You can be “normal” but still feel like this

When I test I always consider your optimal range, rather than what’s considered ‘normal’

My focus is on the optimal (functional) range - this is the sweet spot when you will begin to feel amazing - thriving not just surviving.

So many benefits to testing

Removes any guesswork

Complete personalisation

Can increase your motivation

Measures your progress

Why is it important to test?

Targeted information

While taking a full medical history and details about your symptoms, diet and lifestyle gives me a lot of information, testing is so important as it helps me give you targeted support based on YOUR results. It removes all the guesswork – any maybes and ifs – and enables me to address any specific imbalances and create the very best programme for you to get the results that you want.

Personalised information

Everyone is unique. Testing means that your programme is YOUR programme and not just a generic programme that can be applied to everyone else. You are biochemically unique, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in my clinic.

Supports Motivation

When you see your results, it can be a significant motivator to help you adapt and incorporate dietary and lifestyle changes. You will see what is imbalanced and how we can work together to improve this.

Why can't I get these tests on the NHS?

The functional tests I use are not available on the NHS. The tests I use in clinic are designed to look for root causes of your symptoms. Whenever testing can be provided by your GP I will always write a letter to request testing based on your symptoms.

What do my packages include?

All my packages include a comprehensive blood test that includes a detailed thyroid panel (including antibodies). For more details on the importance of a comprehensive thyroid panel, click HERE

Care is targeted and tailored to your individual needs.

Your discovery call is designed for us to get to know each other and for us to see if we can work together to support your health.

During your discovery call I might, where appropriate, suggest additional tests to the comprehensive blood and thyroid panel that’s included in every package I offer. It is, however, not obligatory to do the additional suggested testing prior to your first consultation, and sometimes I don’t recommend additional testing during a discovery call.


If testing is recommended, it’s beneficial to undertake the testing and get your results prior to your first full consultation. This makes the best use of your consultation time. It means that my therapeutic recommendations can be targeted for your individual needs right from day one.

Book your DISCOVERY CALL to discuss the best package for you.

I can’t list all the details of the package prices, as every package is created with your unique needs in mind. My Health Foundation Package starts from £1,250.


There are so many options for testing, and while I can’t list all the tests that are available, you can check out the most common tests that I use in my clinic HERE


For more details on my fee structure please click HERE

Before your consultation

I use a secure online system which you can access 24/7 - so you can complete forms and amend your consultations at any time.  Please ensure you take the time to read and agree to the terms within my Joanne Lee Health consent form on your secure client portal, before you proceed.

Please complete the detailed health & well being questionnaires on the portal, together with your food diary. Please complete all these intake forms at least 3 working days prior to your consultation. Unfortunately, if you don’t do so, I will have to reschedule your consultation and cancellation fees will apply. 

How to get in touch with me

Please use my secure client portal to contact me and book your discovery call.


If you are an existing clients please contact me via your secure client portal. If your enquiry is complex (more than 5 – 10 mins) then it might be necessary for you to book a follow up consultation. Equally, if it has been more than 12 weeks since your last consultation a follow up consultation will be the best way for me to support your needs. 


Click HERE for my communications policy. 

Book your DISCOVERY CALL and find out that best plan for you.