About Me

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”  


A little bit about me

I felt, like you might be feeling now, that I had to keep pushing through pain. Self medicating with painkillers to be able to function had left me physically depleted and hadn’t resolved the severe back pain. Spinal injections gave only short-term relief. 

Still I kept on going. Life felt hard and exhausting. Sleep gave me temporary respite, but in the morning the pain provoked tears. On top of this I started to experience more symptoms as I approached the menopause. Life didn’t feel fun. I decided I no longer wanted to put on a brave face, I wanted things to change. I changed how I moved, what I ate and I began to put myself first.

“Our mind & body tell us what they want & need.
Are you listening?”

Once we start to take care of ourselves we have more to give. That ripple effect of self care is important. Our health impacts our whole life and all our relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues. 

The changes I saw in myself and in my life inspired me to enrol at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Brighton. After 3 years of study, I qualified as a Registered Nutritional Therapist. I love my clinical work and was so proud to receive an award for Clinical Aptitude as I value my one to one clinic work and the positive impact it can bring.

When a member of my family was diagnosed with OCD a few years ago, we were so fortunate to receive specialist therapy from OCD Excellence clinic in London. With the support of this clinic, and by making lifestyle and dietary changes, they are now thriving and more resilient than before.

“OCD is like having a bully stuck inside your head & nobody else can see it.”


OCD is the 10th most disabling condition in the world and it affects every aspect of your life and relationships, whether personal or professional. It’s devastating and isolating due to the intrusive, ‘sticky’ thoughts & compulsions that can dominate everyday life. Often the thoughts and compulsions can feel too shameful to share so the OCD locks you into this cycle of stress and despair. Life feels frozen and increasingly limited.

The right specialist therapy and gentle changes to your lifestyle and nutrition, can be life-changing.

Imagine that you had a nail sticking in the sole of your shoe, hurting your foot. You wouldn’t leave the nail in and just taken a painkiller? You’d want to take the nail out too. By exploring why you’re experiencing symptoms we can do more than just numb your symptoms.

Regardless of your health concern or aspiration, my clinic is here to help people just like you, understand what your body is saying and how to create a life in which you can thrive.

Right now you might be feeling so bad that you can’t picture your life improving. I help you shift this view and show you how sustainable habits can not only change how you feel, but how you see your future.

Bits you need to know

Have confidence that I’m fully insured with Balen’s.

Registered with the following professional bodies:

BANT & ANP. I am also regulated & governed by CNHC & GNC

Lifecodegx® practitioner, HeartMath® and Metabolic Balance® Coach

Up to date with the latest research by attending seminars, masterclasses, and conferences. I continue to learn and I am currently studying with the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

I offer neurodiverse affirmative care based on your individual needs and requirements

Trained to offer nutritional and lifestyle advice to those who have undergone bariatric surgery. Helping to optimise their nutritional status and wellbeing.

How some questions about how Nutritional Therapy works? Contact me HERE

Joanne Lee