About Me

After 3 years of studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine I graduated as a Nutritional Therapist.


I was honoured to receive an additional award for Clinical Aptitude. This award means so much to me as I love working with clients on a 1 to 1 basis. It gives me time to focus on my clients’ specific needs and to build a supportive therapeutic relationship.


For years I never gave food much thought and eating was just something I did. Severe back pain and the menopausal transition, however, prompted me to make changes.I began to realise the power of food and lifestyle changes and their potential to influence my health.


My clinic was established to help people like you, harness this power and to understand what your body is telling you.


Neurodiverse affirmative care based on your individual needs and requirements.

Our symptoms are signs that guide us to where we need to focus our attention.

We need to do more than simply stop the symptoms – though of course symptom relief is key. In my clinic, we look to find out what’s causing those symptoms. After all you wouldn’t just take a painkiller because you have a nail coming through the bottom of your shoe and hurting your foot: you’d want to take the nail out!


While my focus is on women’s health, the peri and post menopausal years in particular, I see a variety of clients, male and female, with many different health concerns.


I can offer personalised, confidential advice. My goal is to give you the tools and understanding that you need to regain or maintain energy and vitality and to optimise your health throughout your life.

Bits you need to know

I am fully insured with Balens 


I am registered with the following professional bodies:


BANT and ANP. I am also regulated and governed by CNHC and GNC.


I am a Lifecode Gx practitioner, HeartMath & Metabolic Balance Coach.


By attending seminars, masterclasses and conferences I ensure that I keep up to date with the latest research and continue to learn: I am currently studying with the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

You can read more about my story HERE

Joanne Lee