Reset Your Body

Struggling with optimal weight


Trapped in cycles of yo-yo dieting


Energy levels on the floor


Poor sleep


Mood swings


Frustrated by cravings

“The Key to Keeping your Balance is Knowing when you’ve Lost it”


Metabolic Balance® may be your opportunity to take control of your weight management and put an end to restrictive diets that don’t work long-term. 

Metabolic Balance® is a personalised programme designed to regulate your body’s weight and strengthen your metabolism while reducing inflammation (a driver of many chronic diseases and conditions).

Your individual Metabolic Balance programme is created for you following the analysis of a comprehensive blood test (I use Functionaldx® Check blood panel), and reviewing your medical history and health concerns.

The four phases of your plan are created to help your body orchestrate the biochemical changes it needs to reach your weight and health goals. 

No pills, supplements or powders: simply nutrient dense food available from your local shops.

As a Metabolic Balance Coach I will support you through the four phases of your personalised programme over 14 weeks. The programme requires commitment and so the coaching support is essential to ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

While the Metabolic Balance® programme has also been effective for addressing health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type II diabetes. A study has shown the positive side effects of the health plan such as increased energy levels, vitality, healthy skin and increased quality of life. 

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Joanne Lee