Communications Policy

For all first general enquiries, I may be reached via the contact link on my website.

I acknowledge that email is, by its nature, unsafe, whilst I will make every effort to ensure that our internet protocols are secure, it will take no responsibility for transmitting data electronically by email. Clients are advised to keep email communication to a minimum, and to avoid or limit any confidential and/or sensitive content.

Registered clients are encouraged to communicate with me using the secure client portal, using the inbuilt messaging system. To access your messages and to send replied you will need to log in securely into the portal. You will receive an email invitation to join the Healthpath Pro portal so you can register as a client. The portal data is stored electronically using a specialist medical records service. This service is fully backed-up, and highly encrypted. It is fully compliant with GDPR.

I encourage my clients to use the portal messaging system for all communications, whether administrative or clinical. Should clients still prefer to use email communication rather than the portal, I require that they write to me by email or by letter to confirm this intention. All clinical information received by me by whichever method will be added to your electronic records on the portal.

By uploading your information to the portal, or by communicating it to me by email, you consent and accept that I may need to forward this information electronically (or otherwise) to third parties if you ask me to do so. I will make every effort to ensure I have your correct and up to date contact details on file for you, however, as the user, it is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are up to date at all times. This is especially important as I use your mobile phone number or your email address to notify you of a new message on the portal. In the rare event that clients do not have either an email address or a mobile phone number, they should inform me of this and request that I contact them via post. I take no responsibility for inaccurate non-clinical information stored on your records.