Here are links to some of the products that I love and often recommend to my clients.

Nothing makes it on this page that I haven’t used myself.

To make it on this page the products must be:

High Quality

Health Supporting

Use the links to browse and order – any discounts or special offers are indicated and any affiliations are noted with an asterisk.

Sleep/Stress Support*

Sensate is a pebble shaped device that can be used to support optimal sleep, improve stress resilience, reduce anxiety and improve your Heart Rate Variability. You can use at any time of the day. Your Sensate pairs with the Sensate App to create a sensory sound and sonic vibration session. Find 10 minutes in the morning and enjoy a longer session at night before bed. You an also use during the day as part of your self care routine. I love mine and use it daily. You can either use the link below or use the code JOANNELEEHEALTH at checkout to receive a £20 discount on your Sensate and with a money back guarantee you have time to see if Sensate suits you.

Herbs & Oils

Offer a range of high quality Italian products. I highly recommend their olive oils, pesto sauces & ready made pasta sauces made with olive oil (not seed oils) and their range of semi-dried organic herbs. The organic herbs are single estate grown and cured in Italian rock salt to capture the delicious flavours of fresh herbs with the convenience of long shelf-life dried herbs. Use the code JOANNELEEHEALTH10 to get 10% off semi-fresh organic herbs.

Organic Produce

I am so fortunate to live just 15 minutes away from this farm shop. This is my go to for organic meat. The quality and value is outstanding. Friendly staff make the whole experience unbeatable. You can order online and collect in store or just drop in to the farm shop. If you are after a particular cut of meat I recommend phoning or ordering online as they often sell out. My favourites: rib eye steak, lamb mince, liver, beef cheeks. Mention Joanne Lee Health at the time of your first order to get a free bottle of Kefir.

Nootropic Coffee

Discover adaptogenic mushroom coffee: a blend of coffee and medicinal mushroom extracts. Use coupon code: joanneleehealth to get 15% off


Refreshing sugar free flavours to add to water to encourage optimal hydration.


This is the range I have been using for several years now. Love the products and the ethos. Hard to find anything else on the market that compares. Even my husband switched to this brand after he noticed a difference in my skin. It’s important that my clients understand that what we put on our bodies can have a significant impact on our health. Using products that are free from endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) is so important. EDCs are a group of chemicals that interfere with normal hormonal function. Choosing skincare that eliminates this source of EDCs is a great step to take to optimise health. Tropic have made it easy with freshly made, natural beauty products that have received more than 250 awards. The products amazing and every purchase (however small) funds education through Tropic’s partnership with United World Schools. You will be bowled over by what the products do for your skin, but also by the fact that Tropic is certified vegan and cruelty free, certified CarbonNeutral (r) with all carbon emissions double offset. Tropic is also Protect Land & Sea certified and is continually innovating with refillable and recyclable products and packaging. I could go on for ages about the benefits of Tropic for you and your family, but you just need to try it for yourself. I have my own online shop but do contact me for skincare advice and product recommendations or use the online skincare routine finder.

Organic Produce

For those of you who can’t get to Goodwood farm shop then this is where I’d order my meat from. Organic Farm & Butcher. Sustainable game. Organic & sustainable Fish.

Organic Coffee*

Exhale - Organic Coffee with benefits*. Exhale coffee is packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, B3 and free from mould, pesticides and other nasties. Plastic free packaging. Use the code JOANNELEE. For 50% off your 1st bag in a fully flexible, no commitment coffee subscription

Delicious Meals*

Nutritionally balanced & delicious food for when you need extra support or want something in the freezer for those moments when you don’t feel like cooking. Get 20% off your purchase using code joanne_lee

Weighted Blankets

Aeyla have a range of bedding and I particularly love their weighted blankets to support optimal sleep and reduce anxiety. You chose the correct weight of blanket according to your own body weight. The difference these blankets make is quite incredible and they do different weights for adults and children. It’s like having a night-long hug all over your body and this is so calming and soothing.


My clients know that I love microgreens. They are an easy way to add a variety of plant foods to your diet: sprinkle them on salads, vegetables and soups. Silly greens have come up with a fabulous way for you to try lots of different microgreens. Chose from a weekly, fortnightly, 4 week or 6 week delivery subscription times and receive a letterbox parcel of pre sown microgreens that you continue to grow and harvest at home. Great fun for any little people in your household to see them grow and to help with the harvest. Use the chat box on their website and mention Joanne Lee Health before your order and the lovely people at Silly greens will give you your first box free.

Organic Produce*

Organic produce & recipe inspiration. Order online - set up weekly deliveries. Use this link to get 50% off your 1st organic fruit and veg Box. & your purchase means that I get 50% off my next organic fruit and veg box too!

Wild Berries

100% wild berries - gluten free, vegan in handy sachets. Get 10% off your purchase using code ARTICPOWER10

I LOVE these organic micro green kits. So simple to grow your own nutrient dense microgreens which you can add to so many dishes: perfect in salads, sprinkled over vegetables & stews. All you need is a sunny spot on a windowsill or shelf. They taste delicious. Your first crop can be ready in as little as 8 days. A choice of kits to choose from. I recommend the micro green farm kits. Grab 20% off with my code JLHEALTH20