Informed Consent

Nutritional Therapy is practised by non-medical professionals and is complimentary to other regulated forms of healthcare in England. Consultations with a Nutritional Therapist include taking a detailed case history, creating a personalised nutritional and lifestyle plan and following up on results and progression of your health. Nutritional Therapy employs a range of therapeutic techniques including dietary advice, supplements, functional tests and lifestyle advice. Joanne Lee – Health are not permitted to diagnose, or claim to treat, medical conditions. Nutritional advice is not a substitute for professional medical advice and/or treatment.

While the best course of action is continually sought for the client there always exists the possibility of side effects, adverse reactions. Joanne Lee – Health holds your safety and well-being as top priority and welcomes all questions and concerns that you may have.

By registering as a client with Joanne Lee – Health you acknowledge that:

  • Joanne Lee – Health has in no way suggested that being under her care should prevent you from seeking treatment from any other healthcare practitioner. You are responsible for contacting your GP or specialist about any health concerns that you may have. You will inform your GP of the nutritional protocol you will be following. You will also advise any other complementary medicine practitioners that you are consulting.


  • Joanne Lee – Health will strive to deliver the safest and most effective interventions for you, however there is still the possibility that side effects or adverse reactions might occur, or that therapeutic benefit might not be achieved.


  • You will inform Joanne Lee – Health of all medical conditions you have been diagnosed with, all symptoms you are experiencing, and medications you are taking/have taken in the past. You will also inform her of any new medical conditions or symptoms or medications should they arise. You understand that you should not discontinue or adjust dosage of any medication without your GPs knowledge and agreement.


  • You will inform Joanne Lee – Health if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You will immediately inform Joanne Lee – Health should you become, or plan to become pregnant or if you begin, or plan to begin to breastfeed.


  • You understand that your nutritional protocol and any supplements will have a time frame and that you should not continue the recommendations outside this time frame, unless agreed with Joanne Lee – Health.


  • You will inform Joanne Lee – Health if you do not understand any given part of the recommendations given to you or if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of your care.


  • All of the information you provide to Joanne Lee – Health is protected by General Data Protection Regulations and is confidential unless disclosure is required by law.


  • You are free to purchase any products recommended by Joanne Lee – Health from a vendor of your choosing, being under no obligation to purchase products from Joanne Lee – Health directly.


  • You have read and understood Joanne Lee – Health’s fee structure document.

You declare that:

You have read and understood the information presented above and that you authorise and consent to your present and future use of the Nutritional Therapy services provided by Joanne Lee – Health. You understand that you may withdraw this consent at any time.

As part of your healthcare:

Joanne Lee – Health may share your sensitive information with third parties to support your ongoing healthcare. If Joanne Lee – Health does not receive this consent from you, Joanne Lee – Health will not be able to coordinate your healthcare with that provided by other providers which means the healthcare provided by use may be less effective.

By registering as a client you give your consent to your sensitive information being shared with other healthcare providers, whose details you have provided.

Joanne Lee – Health may also share your contact information with biochemical testing companies to order tests as part of your healthcare, some of which maybe from outside the European Union. If Joanne Lee – Health does not receive this consent from you, Joanne Lee – Health will review alternative tests from providers based within the European Union.

Case histories:

Joanne Lee – Health seeks to continuously improve clinical practice through professional development, a key part of which is sharing case histories with peers through clinical supervision, online forums, discussion groups, conferences, medical journals, trade magazines, books, lectures. Your name, address and contact details will never be shared and your anonymity will always be maintained.

Marketing and Information:

Joanne Lee – Health may like to contact you occasionally by email with information on upcoming events, activities and newsletters.

You can withdraw your consent to the above communications at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails.

  • You consent to your sensitive information being shared with your GP if appropriate.


  • You consent to your anonymous case information being shared as detailed above.


  • You consent to your contact information being shared with biochemical testing companies from outside of the European Union.


  • You consent to receiving email communication as detailed above from Joanne Lee – Health.

You understand that you may withdraw your consent to any of the above at any time by emailing